In-Person Individual Lesson | $69

In a one-on-one lesson, you’ll be able to navigate through any topic of your choice. You will have the opportunity to completely customize your lesson, choosing where, when and at what pace you’d like to learn. This is a great option if you want to try out Wire the Wise and see we what it’s all about!

One-hour couple lesson | $110

You and a friend, colleague, or family member can customize your combined lesson and share your learning experiences together.  You will be taken through a step-by-step process to start off learning a new skill. At such a great price – why not try a lesson together?


Empower  |  $260

4 one hour personalized sessions
Why not take a few hours out of your week to empower yourself to learn a entirely new skill set? The Empower package allows you to really begin to learn about a topic, with guided steps, so you can begin to do it on your own.
*This package expires after 4 weeks.

Dive Deeper  |  $480

8 one hour personalized sessions
Imagine knowing some of the topics in such detail that you can do everything completely on your own. Dive Deeper does just that. Over the course of these eight lessons, you will learn steps to perfect your brand new skill. With Dive Deeper, you will know the skill so well, you will be able to teach it.
*This package expires after 8 weeks.


Refer a friend and get $20 towards your next lesson!


Getting Started with a New Device
Basics: A Little Bit of Everything
Communication and Sharing
Wifi and Internet
Useful Applications for You
Camera, Photo, and Video
Social Media
Storage and Updates
Create Your Own